I am uniquely qualified to teach you how to be a good communicator.

For one thing, I am definitely a nerd. I was the kid in school that would rather read than play sports, loved science and math,   I spend 20 years as a software engineer. I got my BA in linguistics. my MS in Information Systems, and have done graduate work in sociology at Stanford. I have published in journals and contributed to the important sociology book, Identity and Control by Harrison White.

You can see from the subjects I have studied, that I am interested in people. And, is not just academic. I have hitchhiked across the US, lived on a boat in the Bahamas, lived in Finland, worked at a cannery, and have enjoyed my interactions with people from everywhere.  That allows me to connect with almost anyone. Everyone has something they can teach me.

I enjoy working with the startups at ActionSpot and giving talks and mentoring startups in several countries.  I have been fortunate enough to hear the pitches and read the business plans of well over a thousand companies.  I understand what is involved in a business plan, a pitch, and how to create a vision.

One of the things I have done a lot is teaching. I have taught several subjects, but the one I have done the most is to teach complex software engineering to engineers at corporations like HP, Motorola, Bell Laboratories, NetApp, Sony, and others.  It is important that students are successful.   I have had many thousands of students.  I also give talks frequently and have given talks in 8 countries.

It is possible for a nerd to be a good communicator.  The people with the best communication skills are the most successful in life. It is my mission to share what I have learned as widely as possible.



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Linguist –  My training and study as a linguist allow me to go beyond the superficial levels of language to the meaning below.

Social Scientist – Your relationships, psychology, and culture all blend together to make you who you are.  I apply my extensive background in this area to you.

Businessman – I have been involved in dozens of startups and still do it on an ongoing basis. I can help you with all aspects from technology to funding. 

Teacher – As a teacher, I have learned that each person is unique.   It is my job to understand how you learn and work with you. 

Speaker – My hope when I speak is that listeners will be entertained and come away with something of value. 

Coach – Coaches help you identify the resources you have and set you on the path to use them. I have learned from some of the best and I want you to have the benefit, as well.

“He has amazing insight into how we think, perceive, and feel about the world we live in, and he has effective tools in his mental workshop … I feel that Don played a big role in learning how to positively develop myself and my situations …” — Olin Anderson


Donald assessed my situation and said he would help … [w]ithin a month things had turned around. …  I can focus on my business, and I am happier than I have been in years — Alan Smith