Become A Master Communicator


Have you ever noticed that some people seemed to have charmed lives? 

When they need something, it seems to appear for them.  When they ask people to do things for them, they do it eagerly.  The lucky ones seem to have some control over the directions of their lives, they enjoy their work, and aren't worn down by life.

Their secret is that they are good communicators and you can be one too.

Why would good communication have so many benefits?

Think about it for a while. 

What do you get that is important and valuable in life that you don't get from other people?  You get money, love, respect, status, the food you eat, the water you drink, the house you live in, the clothes you wear ... There isn't a lot left ... maybe air and a few things, but not much.

If you can't connect with others you don't have a pipeline for the benefits to flow through.  Good communicators are luckier because they are directly in touch with value.

How can you become a master communicator and reap these benefits?

Develop Rapport - This is when you and another know you are communicating about the same thing, Rapport is essential for sales, management, entrepreneurs, and leaders of any sort. It requires non-verbal as well as verbal communication.

Discover Each Person's Value - Completely accept that you don't know what you don't know. The more doors you open, the more you can see. Every person is a door into another world. Learn how you can open them.

Become a Beacon - People will only unlock their doors for people they are not afraid of. Why should someone unlock their door for you?  They will if they see that you will accept them as they will be accepting you. -- To be accepting of others, you have to be accepting of yourself.

Ask For What You Need - No one will know that you need something until you tell them. Sometimes perceived status, inexperience, and self-doubt will hold us back -- you need to learn what these things are and how not to be affected by them.

Diverse Networks - You need to have networks with groups of people that are separate from each other where you are the only person in both groups.  When you are looking for something, when the search in one room is exhausted, it makes sense to search in another.

Give More Than You Get - GIving multiplies your positive relationships. Give what you afford to give, connections, advice, support (or vast sums of money if you have it).  Giving is like an echo.   It is not clear exactly how your initial sounds created it, but you experience it, anyway. 


Benefit Your Business

Poor Communication Costs Millions -  In a survey of 400 large companies in the US and UK the Holmes Report found that the average cost of miscommunication was $62.4 million per year.  This included employee misunderstanding (including actions or errors of omission by employees who have misunderstood or were misinformed about company policies, business processes, job function or a combination of the three). 

Poor Communication Lowers Productivity - $26,041: cumulative cost per worker per year due to productivity losses resulting from communications barriers.

Leaders Who Can Communicate Effectively Increase Returns -  Companies that have leaders who are highly effective communicators had 47% higher total returns to shareholders over the last five years compared with firms that have leaders who are the least effective communicators 

More Employee Engagement Means Higher RevenueBest Buy found that higher employee engagement scores led to better store performance. The company found that for every percentage point it boosted employee engagement, individual stores saw a $100,000 increase in operating income annually.

What You Learn


Create Effective Networks - Networking is not the most effective way to build networks. You will learn how to form networks that provide value.

Communicate to Unconscious Mind - How to use narratives and indirect suggestion.

Learn to Ask the Questions that Connect  - Connecting with people is a balance of showing an interest and staying away from sensitive areas.  The vast majority of people like people who show an interest in them.

Make Sure They Know You're Listening- Listening shows you care but people need to know you are listening to them.  You will learn to listen.

Learn About Communicating With Your Body  - Body language is like spoken language in that you need to listen to others. You will learn what to watch for and how your body language can make them comfortable. 

Ask For Things - Whether you are a manager, an engineer, a salesperson, a UX designer, entrepreneur, or small business owner you are going to have to ask for things from others. Make people glad they're doing it. 

Assert Your View - Whether you are negotiating, guiding a meeting, or interacting with people in any way you will learn how to keep  the balance between being aggressive and passive.