Here is where you can find resources I use for my workshops, teaching, writing, and coaching. I separate it into three categories, books, papers, and Web links. It reflects the way I think about it. The papers are academic papers that have been peer-reviewed and the books are mixed.  Some are academic and some are for the general reader.  I don’t read books that don’t give reasons for what they say. So, I look at the references carefully.  Because I don’t like to waste my time and I don’t want to waste yours.

I recommend that you don’t believe anything you read out-of-hand.  Further observations can cause us to refine our claims no matter how carefully something is argued. Obviously, if the premises are wrong, the conclusion will be wrong.  We only have probabilities and I have checked and cross-checked these resources so I believe the resources here have a high probability of being accurate.

Please check back from time-to-time because I am adding more on an ongoing basis.

 BooksBooks are a resource

These are books that could change your life.  Understanding yourself and others is a key to communication. The books here span a range that includes you, communication, and society. They are well worth your time to read.


 PapersAcademic papers are a resource

The academic papers in this section may be more challenging to read than other resources.  However, they are the key background that can help you decide for yourself what people say about communication and human behavior (including yours) and the socities we live in.


Web LinksThe Web is the greatest resource

This section links to articles, videos, exercises, tests and other information you will find valuable. Because, I don’t want to waste your time with links to alternate facts or information that is not vetted and useful. This section can be a lot of fun. Take some time to look around. Have fun!